Escalator Inspection & Testing

We provide a comprehensive escalator inspection service for all-sized companies and businesses who have installed and operate escalators or moving walkways (travelators etc) within their premises.

Our professional escalator testing and inspection service ensures that your escalators and moving walkways are in compliance with guidelines set out by SAFed (Safety Assessment Federation) and HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

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Escalator Inspection Service

Professional Escalator Inspectors

What are escalator inspections?

Escalator inspections abide by the set of statutory guidelines prepared by the Safety Assessment Federation (in consultation with HSE) which explain the best practices to ensure your escalators and moving walkways are kept in peak condition for the safe travel of passengers. Our inspections involve risk assessment, preventive maintenance, testing, inspection and thorough examination of escalators and moving walkways. All of these assets are deemed as ‘critical to ensure longevity, reliability and, above all, safety’ in accordance with SAFed Guidelines for the safe operation of escalators and moving walks.

How often do I need an escalator inspection?

Although escalator inspections do not fall within LOLER regulations, SAFed detailed guidelines clearly state a thorough examination of escalators and moving walkways is recommended every six-months. Therefore we always recommend following these guidelines to ensure your escalators remain in safe condition and increase its lifespan with inspection and maintenance every six months.

What is included in an escalator inspection?

To ensure every external and internal aspect of your escalator is safe to use, we follow a rigorous set of testing and inspection protocols that include a thorough checklist of assets such as (but not limited to):

  • Handrail speed and geometry
  • Entrance and egress ends
  • Steps and upthrust device
  • Operating devices
  • Skirt obstruction
  • Rolling shutter device
  • Ceiling intersection guards
  • Machinery space access
  • Stop switch
  • Controller and wiring
  • Drive machine and brake
  • Speed governor
  • Drive chain and motor device
  • Step level device

Escalator Testing Service

As detailed in SAFed’s ‘Guidelines for the safe operation of escalators and moving walks’, escalators should be inspected in 6 month intervals. We provide a professional and fully-comprehensive escalator and moving walkway inspection and testing service across the whole of the UK.

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