PUWER Inspection and Testing

Offering expert PUWER inspections in Kent, our services cater to various businesses across the county and extend throughout England. PUWER regulations stand as a vital mandate, ensuring employers guarantee the safety of all work equipment. Under PUWER, work equipment encompasses a broad spectrum, ranging from machinery to appliances, tools, or installations utilised within work premises, irrespective of exclusive or shared usage.

Our commitment lies in thorough, comprehensive inspections that align with PUWER guidelines, aiming not just to meet the regulatory requirements but also to bolster the safety culture within businesses. By extending our services beyond Kent, we aim to assist businesses across England in upholding these crucial safety standards, fostering secure working environments conducive to productivity and employee well-being.

What’s Included

PUWER regulations encompass an extensive array of equipment vital in various work settings. From pallet trucks facilitating material handling to storage racking ensuring organised inventory management, roller shutter doors providing secure access, and ladders aiding in elevated tasks – all fall under its purview. Working at height equipment, such as PFPE (including harnesses, lanyards, and lifelines), stands pivotal for safety during elevated operations. Additionally, power presses integral in manufacturing, escalators in public spaces, and an extensive array of other equipment also come under the umbrella of PUWER guidelines, emphasising the comprehensive scope these regulations hold in ensuring workplace safety across diverse industries.

  • Pallet trucks
  • Storage racking
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Ladders
  • Working at height equipment:
    PFPE (harnesses, lanyards, lifelines etc)

  • Power presses
  • Escalators
  • And Much More!

Pallet Trucks

PUWER inspections ensure pallet trucks are maintained for safe material handling, preventing accidents and injuries in warehouses or industrial settings.

Storage Racking

Regular inspections guarantee the stability and integrity of storage racks, minimising the risk of collapses that could endanger employees and damage inventory.

Roller Shutter Doors

PUWER inspections verify the proper functioning of doors, ensuring smooth operation and preventing potential hazards associated with malfunctioning mechanisms.

Tipper Trucks

PUWER inspections for tipper trucks focus on ensuring their mechanical components and hydraulic systems are in optimal condition, reducing the risk of accidents during loading and unloading activities. Regular checks also ensure the safety of operators and prevent potential hazards associated with malfunctioning parts or systems.


Inspections are crucial to validate ladder stability, minimising falls and injuries during tasks requiring elevation.

Working at Height Equipment

Also referred to as PFPE, regular checks of working-at height equipment ensure the integrity of personal fall protection equipment, vital for preventing falls and ensuring worker safety at elevated positions.

Power Presses

PUWER inspections for power presses aim to maintain their operational safety, reducing the risk of accidents in manufacturing environments.


Inspections are necessary to maintain escalator functionality, mitigating the risk of malfunctions that could lead to injuries in public spaces.

It’s crucial to highlight that PUWER regulations extend beyond the specific equipment types listed here. The phrase “but not limited to” within the regulations signifies the expansive range of equipment covered. Any machinery, tools, appliances, or installations utilised at work, irrespective of their specific mention, fall under PUWER’s mandate. Our inspection services encompass this wide spectrum, to ensure compliance and safety across diverse equipment used in workplaces. This comprehensive approach seeks to guarantee that all work equipment, beyond the explicitly mentioned categories, undergoes meticulous examination. By doing so, we contribute to fostering safer work environments and mitigating risks associated with various types of work equipment.

PUWER Inspection & Testing Services

Our inspection process follows a meticulous and systematic approach tailored to PUWER guidelines. Our proficient team begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the work equipment, evaluating the optimal inspection frequency as per PUWER regulations. The ensuing ‘Thorough Examination’ is executed with precision, thoroughly scrutinising the equipment’s condition, safety measures, and complete adherence to statutory PUWER regulations.

Expert Team

Our team consists of individuals well-versed in PUWER regulations. Their expertise guarantees precise inspections, preempting potential issues before they pose risks and ensure full PUWER compliance for your business.

Detailed Inspection Plans

Acknowledging the unique needs of diverse businesses, we craft inspection plans tailored to each client’s specifications. This approach ensures relevance and efficacy in examining the specific work equipment in operation.

Comprehensive Documentation

Recognising the significance of documentation for regulatory adherence, we provide detailed reports upon completion of the ‘Thorough Examination’. These reports explain findings, recommendations, and a clear indication of PUWER compliance status.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many questions about PUWER inspection and so we’ve formulated a list of the most common queries we receive for reference.

What is a PUWER inspection?

PUWER, enacted in 1998, specifies legal obligations concerning the safe use of work equipment. Central to PUWER is the requirement for employers to ensure the safety and maintenance of work equipment, emphasising correct installation and regular inspections. AV Inspections assumes the responsibility of conducting thorough PUWER examinations for various businesses nationwide to ensure full compliance with PUWER.

How do PUWER inspections work?

PUWER inspections encompass an extensive range of work equipment. AV Inspection’s PUWER service in Kent covers diverse equipment types, including but not limited to pallet trucks, storage racking, roller shutter doors, ladders, power presses, escalators, and much more. This inclusive approach underlines the thoroughness and inclusivity of AV Inspection’s services in adhering your business to PUWER regulations.

What are my responsibilities?

The duty holder, typically the employer or business owner, holds the responsibility of ensuring PUWER compliance. This encompasses organising and overseeing regular inspections, guaranteeing correct installation, maintenance, and adherence to PUWER regulations. AV Inspections collaborates with duty holders to determine inspection frequencies, conduct meticulous examinations, and ensure continuous PUWER compliance on your behalf.

Why should I choose AV Inspections?

AV Statutory Inspections stands out as a dependable partner for businesses seeking PUWER compliance. With a team of skilled professionals, we offer more than just inspections; we provide a comprehensive service that exceeds regulatory requirements. Choosing AV Inspection means businesses gain a committed ally dedicated to enhancing the safety and functionality of their work equipment in alignment with PUWER standards.