Tipper Truck Inspections

We provide a comprehensive tipper truck inspection service for businesses and individuals who own and operate tipper trucks (also referred to as ‘dump trucks’) and ensure full legal compliance with PUWER 1998 regulations.

Tipper or dump trucks are categorised as conventional ‘earth moving’ equipment and are therefore regulated under the Provision of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). These regulations state that in order for your tipper truck to be legally compliant, they must have an ‘appropriate maintenance regime and inspection of the machine at intervals specified by a competent person’ and is where our expertise as ‘competent’ inspectors is required to maintain operating your tipper truck(s) with full UK legal compliance.

Tipper Truck Inspection Service

Tipper Truck Testing and Inspection

What are tipper truck inspections?

When owning and operating a tipper or dump truck, they fall under the jurisdiction set out under the PUWER 1998 regulations. To ensure you are legally compliant with these regulations, we inspect and test all critical safety components that could affect the capability and safety of your tipper being operated. This involves the measurement of your tipper’s overall functionality and safety, with a final sign-off if the machine is safe to use, or raise concerns if we find any issues.

How often do I need an excavator inspection?

It is worth noting that there is often confusion made between the two regulations – LOLER 1998 and PUWER 1998 – but the two are in-fact completely separate regulations. LOLER regulations have a specified frequency that inspection/testing needs to be undertaken, however PUWER 1998 doesn’t have such specifications within its legislation. Instead, it is highly recommended that a thorough examination is carried out at least every 12 months to ensure upmost safety and compliance of your tipper truck(s).

Why should I use AV Statutory Inspections?

There are a mass of requirements listed within the PUWER regulations, however one key aspect is that any PUWER inspections must be carried out by a ‘competent person’ and this is why it is imperative to use a company such as ourselves to undertake any testing and inspections, otherwise they could be deemed as void due to the competency level of the person who carried them out. Here at AV Statutory Inspections, we are a team of professional and friendly statutory inspectors with over 20 years experience in the industry with numerous qualifications and insurances, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands and hiring a ‘competent person’ when having your tipper truck inspected.

PUWER Inspection Service

Our professional PUWER inspection service ensures your tipper truck is safe to use and abides by UK legal standards as set out under the PUWER 1998 regulations. Our team of fully trained and qualified personnel provides you with a comprehensive testing and inspection service of your tipper trucks.

Thorough Examination

We provide a friendly and professional service to ensure you and/or your business is fully compliant with PUWER 1998 legal regulations.

Competent Sign-Off

Upon completion of our PUWER inspection, we will provide you with a certificate as proof of our comprehensive testing and inspection.

Incident Investigation

Alongside our testing and inspection service, another area of PUWER compliance is to report and professionally inspect tipper incidents.

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