Pallet Truck Inspection & Testing

We offer a comprehensive pallet truck inspection service for both standard and high lift pallet trucks across the UK. Our personalised service can be provided to any sized business that owns and operates pallet trucks, from sole-trader businesses to multinational corporations.

Our professional testing and inspection service covers all types of pallet trucks including fully powered, partly powered and manually operated variations under PUWER regulations to ensure your business is abiding by legal regulations.

Our team of specialists are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our testing services and can be contacted via any of the methods listed on our contact page or feel free to get in touch directly on 07875 424566.

Pallet Truck Inspection Service

If you are in need of High Lift pallet truck testing (forks Raising Above 300mm)

Professional Pallet Truck Inspectors

What are pallet truck inspections?

All standard style pallet truck forks, whether automated or manual, will only lift a load approx 200m off the floor, which means they do not need a full LOLER inspection (unlike High Lift Pallet Trucks which lift loads over the 300mm maximum and do require LOLER inspections) but due to them still being deemed as ‘machinery’, they are still regulated under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). This means that the equipment requires a professional inspection to be carried out every 12 months to ensure the machinery is in safe, working condition – and this is the inspection service that we provide.

How often do I need a my pallet trucks inspected?

It is recommended that pallet trucks have a thorough inspection carried out by a competent professional at least every 12 months. This ensures that all of the components are safe to use and in working condition. Although it seems quite excessive for such a ‘basic’ piece of machinery to require regular inspections, it’s a piece of equipment that is quite dangerous with over 4,500 injuries reported every year and thus needs to be regularly tested to ensure safety at all times, and legal compliance of course.

What is included in a pallet truck inspection?

Our service follows a rigorous set of testing and inspection protocols to ensure all components are in safe and working condition to ensure full compliance of PUWER guidelines. The sorts of areas we test and inspect include (but are not limited to):

  • Check the pallet truck lifting height is correct

  • Brake testing to check efficiency and without any wearing or damage

  • Ensure battery and water levels are correct

  • Any emergency stop buttons are working correctly

  • Ensure the truck moves correctly in all directions as designed

  • Tyres are not punctured and tread is not too worn

  • General signs of damage such as cracks/splits

  • Ensure the steering system is working effectively

  • Any safety items such as horns etc work as intended

  • Secure handles without any bolts or screws missing

Pallet Truck Testing Service

Our fully-comprehensive testing and inspection service ensures that all of your pallet trucks are safe to use in accordance with PUWER legal regulations. We follow a simple three step process whenever working with any of our clients.

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Once complete, we will supply you with a certificate explaining all of the inspection work undertaken.

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