LOLER Inspection and Testing

We offer professional LOLER inspection services in London, catering to various businesses in the city and nationwide. Within the domain of workplace safety and adhering to regulations, the LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) play a pivotal role in ensuring the effective operation, safety, and legality of lifting equipment.

Our LOLER testing service stands as an essential resource for London-based businesses who own and operate lifting equipment, helping to guide you through the intricate landscape of regulations. By placing your LOLER compliance in our hands, you’ll meet all legal requirements and prioritise the safety and welfare of your employees as stipulated in LOLER regulation 9. The comprehensive assessments carried out by AV Statutory Inspections act as a proactive approach, identifying potential issues and mitigating risks before they become significant. In a world where workplace safety takes precedence, AV Inspections serve as a dependable partner, dedicated to providing exceptional LOLER testing services.

Equipment Included Under LOLER

As per the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) of 1998, a broad spectrum of equipment falls within the scope of mandatory testing and assessment to guarantee the safety and reliability of lifting operations. Our LOLER inspection and testing service encompass the diverse array of equipment categories specified in these regulations, which highlight the necessity for a ‘comprehensive examination by qualified individuals’. Presented below is a compilation of the most prevalent equipment types that necessitate professional inspections as per legal requirements. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, more equipment falls under LOLER and if in doubt, please contact us to check.

  • Fork-lift trucks
  • Lifting accessories & equipment
  • Cranes – Gantry / Jib / Mobile / Tower / Crawler / Truck Mounted
  • Excavators
  • Vehicle motor lifts
  • Building maintenance units

Fork-Lift Trucks

Fork-lift trucks are frequently employed across diverse industrial environments to lift and transport hefty loads. LOLER regulations acknowledge the critical importance of guaranteeing the effective operation and safety of these trucks, mandating routine testing and examination. This involves evaluating the lifting mechanisms, safety attributes, and the overall structural soundness of the vehicles.

Lifting Accessories & Equipment

The category of “lifting accessories” covers a wide range of equipment utilised alongside lifting operations. This encompasses slings, chains, hooks, and various attachments or accessories employed to secure, fasten, or aid loads during lifting procedures. LOLER requires the inspection of these accessories to ensure their suitability for the intended purpose and to pinpoint any potential risks linked to their usage.

Cranes – Gantry / Jib / Mobile / Tower / Crawler / Truck Mounted

The LOLER regulations notably target different crane types, acknowledging their varied roles across industries like construction, manufacturing, and logistics. This encompasses gantry cranes, jib cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes, and truck-mounted cranes. These regulations specify the need for routine testing and examination for each crane type to evaluate their structural stability, lifting mechanisms, and safety attributes.


Excavators, frequently employed in construction and excavation tasks, fall under LOLER regulations owing to their lifting functionalities. These regulations mandate a meticulous inspection to verify that the lifting elements of excavators, such as buckets and lifting arms, adhere to the required safety standards and are suitable for their intended usage.

Vehicle Motor Lifts

Vehicle motor lifts, commonly found in automotive maintenance and repair facilities, fall within the purview of LOLER regulations. These lifts are employed to raise vehicles for diverse tasks, and LOLER necessitates periodic testing and examination to evaluate their lifting mechanisms, stability, and safety attributes. This is critical in preventing accidents and safeguarding the welfare of workers.

Building Maintenance Units

Building maintenance units, commonly used in tall structures for activities such as window cleaning and exterior upkeep, fall under the scope of LOLER regulations. These regulations mandate a comprehensive inspection of these units to confirm the robustness of their lifting mechanisms, safety features, and overall structural stability. This is vital to ensure the safety of workers operating at elevated heights.

It’s crucial to understand that LOLER regulations extend beyond the equipment types mentioned here. The phrase “but not limited to” within the regulations highlights the extensive range of equipment included. Any gear utilised in workplaces for lifting or lowering loads, alongside accessories aiding these operations, falls within the realm of LOLER regulations, and our inspection services cover these comprehensively to ensure full compliance. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure regular examination of all lifting equipment across diverse industries, fostering a safer work environment and reducing the risks associated with lifting operations.

LOLER Inspection & Testing Services

Our inspection service is thorough and methodical. It commences with our team of qualified experts conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the particular lifting equipment in operation, followed by determining the suitable inspection intervals aligned with LOLER 1998 guidelines. The mandated ‘Thorough Examination’ is subsequently carried out meticulously, leaving no aspect unchecked in evaluating the equipment’s condition, safety functionalities, and overall adherence to statutory regulations.

Expertise and Competence

Our team are all well-versed in LOLER regulations. Their expertise guarantees precise inspections that proactively identify potential issues before they pose hazards.

Customised Inspection Plans

Acknowledging the diverse needs of various businesses, we customise inspection plans to suit the specific requirements of each client. This approach ensures that the examination remains pertinent and efficient for the particular type of lifting equipment in operation.

Comprehensive Documentation

We value the significance of documentation in meeting regulatory standards. Our detailed reports of the ‘Thorough Examination’ encompass findings, recommendations, and a precise assessment of the LOLER compliance status, ensuring transparency and comprehensive regulatory adherence.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a number of questions about LOLER and so we have comprised a list of the most commonly asked questions to help assist you in choosing the best option for your business.

What is a LOLER inspection?

LOLER, established in 1998, describes the legal prerequisites governing the use of lifting equipment within work settings. ‘Regulation 9’ stands as a pivotal provision, necessitating a comprehensive ‘Thorough Examination’ of all work equipment employed for lifting purposes. AV Inspection (as a ‘proficient service provider’) assumes the responsibility of conducting these examinations for various businesses across the nation, ensuring compliance with these imperative regulations.

How do LOLER inspections work?

A LOLER inspection isn’t uniform but spans a diverse spectrum of lifting equipment. AV Inspection’s LOLER inspection service in London covers numerous equipment types, including, but not restricted to, forklift trucks, lifting accessories, various cranes (such as gantry, jib, mobile, tower, crawler, and truck-mounted), excavators, and vehicle motor lifts. Even building maintenance units fall within the scope of LOLER inspection, emphasising the comprehensive and all-encompassing nature of AV Inspection’s services in this domain.

What are my responsibilities?

The duty holder, usually the employer or business proprietor, bears the responsibility of upholding adherence to LOLER regulations. This involves arranging and supervising comprehensive examinations at intervals mandated by LOLER 1998. AV Inspection, via its LOLER inspection services, collaborates with duty holders to confirm inspection schedules, conduct meticulous examinations, and guarantee continuous compliance with LOLER standards.

Why should I choose AV Inspections?

AV Statutory Inspections stands out as a dependable ally for businesses striving for LOLER compliance. With a proficient team, AV Inspection offers more than mere inspections; our service extends beyond meeting regulatory demands. Opting for AV Inspection means businesses secure a trusted partner dedicated to guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of their lifting equipment.